To us, packaging is the soul of the product and key in differentiating it from others and therefore we at FFPPL relentlessly strive to provide our customer with quality packaging solutions and also help our customers to generate competitive advantage and thereby create value. Our comprehensive experience with packaging and print technologies allows us to tailor solutions for each individual customer’s requirements right from a very simple basic packaging of daily consumables to barrier packaging for highly moisture sensitive products.



Different Kinds of Packaging Based on Applications


General Packaging

Applications: Spices* Instant Food* Snacks *Cereals*Food Mix & Additives*Dry & Frozen Foods*Grocery, Pulses* Pickles*Atta Flour*Rice*Sugar*Ready to Eat*Biscuits & Wafers *Ketchup*Food Supplements*Frozen Foods*Tea & Coffee*Fertilizers, Pesticides & Insecticides *Seeds* Chemicals*Medicines, Powders, Bulk Drugs, Dietary Supplements, Veterinary Drugs, ORS*Diagnostic Kit, Contraceptives, Sutures*Bio Chemicals*Edible Oil*Fruits & Vegetables *Confectionery*Dry Grocery*Pet Food*Dairy Products*Bakery Products*Adhesive*Household Goods*Wipes*Powders*Fragrances*Oral Care*Cosmetics*Veterinary Medicines* Ointments*Liquids & Pastes*Tobacco*Processed Foods*Personal Care*Hand Gloves*Incense Sticks*Food Supplements*ORS*Medical Devices*Bio-Degradable*


Moisture Barrier Packaging


Aluminium Foil Vacuum Packing*Moisture Barrier Bags*4D Bags*Liners*Pouches*Export Packing*Industrial Packaging*


Aluminium Foil Packaging


Strip Foils* Blister Foils*Child Resistant Foils*Cold Form Foils*Alu Alu Foils*High Performance Blister Lidding Foils*Suppository Foils*Overwrap Foils*Beer Bottle Neck Foils*Butter & Cheese Foils*Chocolate Foils*Kitchen Foils*Cigarette Foils*Ice Cream Cone Sleeves*Pan Masala Foils*Wet Tissues*ORS*Bubble Gum Foils*Lables*Wrappers



Customised Packaging Solutions


Pre Formed Pouches

  • 3-Side Sealed
  • Centre Bottom Sealed
  • Side Gusseted
  • Stand Up
  • Stand Up Zipper
  • V-Notch
  • D-Punch
  • Zipper
  • Round Cornered
  • Spout
  • Diagonally Sealed
  • Retort


Aluminium Lidding Foils

FFPPL offers a wide range of lidding solutions that can meet the pharmaceutical market’s demand for high quality products. Our lidding foils are designed to meet your needs for product protection, opening convenience, packing line efficiency and consistent high quality printing

Application: For sealing with plastics like PP/PS/PVC/PET/PE