Pre-formed Pouches

FFPPL offers a range of unprinted pouches like Three Side Sealed, Centre Bottom Sealed, Stand-Up, Gusseted & Serial Pouches with V-Notch/D-Punch for wide range of products and applications.


  • Centre Bottom Sealed Pouch
  • Diagonally Sealed Pouch
  • Gusseted Pouch
  • Serial Pouch
  • Stand Up Pouch
  • Three Side Sealed Pouch
  • Zipper Pouch
  • Customised Pouches

Common Structures

  • Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - LDPE
  • Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Polyester Film - Metallised Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Metallised Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Polyester Film - Aluminium Foil - OPA - LDPE

Product Features

  • Available in the various sizes
  • Aesthetic Plain Silver Pouches
  • No Printing Costs
  • Suitable for Product Launch
  • Suitable for Labs


Retort Pouches

Ready to eat food packed in retort pouches provide longer shelf life and can be preserved at room temperature without the aid of refrigeration. Retort pouches are increasingly gaining popularity among quality ready to eat food suppliers as the food packed in such pouches remains rich in taste & flavour even after months it is prepared retaining the rich flavour, taste and aroma.

Common Structures

  • Polyester Film -Aluminium Foil –BOPA-CPP Film

Product Features

  • Available in form of Three Side Seal / Centre Bottom Seal / Stand Up Pouches



Very useful for institutions to provide quality food to their customers, as it requires only a heating chamber to serve a hot, delicious, tasty and nutritious dish.

Suitable for Sterilization