Moisture Barrier Packaging

FFPPL offers expertise in high barrier materials by providing a broad range of concept-to-market capabilities. Moisture barrier gusseted sack comprising of a combination of materials like Pet/Aluminium Foil/PE provides the ultimate water vapour, oxygen barrier and prevents flavour loss, odour transfer, ingress of ultra violet light, mould, fungi growth and colour deterioration and to say the least it provides excellent barrier and chemical resistance under extreme conditions.

Common Structures

  • Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Polyester Film -  Metallised Polyester Film - LDPE
  • Polyester Film  - Aluminium Foil  -  LDPE

Product Features

  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Superior Tear and Puncture Resistance
  • Allows Outdoor Storage
  • Hermetically Sealed, No stitching Or Gluing
  • High Quality Product Presentation


Food ingredients *flavours *Tea *Coffee * Cocoa Powder *Dried Foods*Polymers *Resins *Chemical & Pharmaceuticals *Dyes *Pigments *Animal feeds