About Us

As the manufacturer of flexible packaging products and barrier filmsweoffer our customers the highest quality in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, and partnerships built on service, reliability and excellence. Our extensive global footprint puts us on our customer’s doorstep wherever they do business so big or small, can provide leading packaging solutions for any organisation.

FFPPL today offers a broad range of packaging solutions that covers a vast spectrum of industries like beverages, food, healthcare, personal care, homecare, tobacco and agriculture, automobile, industrial applications.

To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities please see our product categories.

Our approach is simple: to work with customer today on the packaging solutions of tomorrow and therefore we see ourselves more than the suppliers of packaging materials - as competent partners for development and marketing of cutting-edge flexible packaging of the highest quality.


  • Innovation & Quality
  • Customer Partnering & Support
  • Operational Excellence
  • Expansion into growth markets for Long term sustainable growth
  • Supply quality product at most affordable prices.